Project Description


Banner drop at Cologne central station

Currently the Jugendnetzwerk für politische Aktionen (JunepA, Youth Network for political Actions) conduct an action at Cologne central station. Two climbers dropped a banner marked « Endstation für TTIP+CETA » (« End of the line: TTIP+CETA »). They are supported by 6 Activists aground. They protest against the signing of CETA, the free trade agreement of the EU and Canada and also against the free trade agreement TTIP with the USA. They appeal to take part in « TTIP Game Over » on NOV 3-5, an action of civil disobedience in Brussels, in occasion of the 15th round of negotiations which occurs in New York.

« We are here because our lives and our rights are worth much more than interests of corporations. We have to fight now before it’s too late », says Marcus Schäfer (JunepA).


Press contact:  +49151/53206000
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Twitter: Junep_A